Dark Souls 3, Embrace the Darkness Trailer

If you’ve listened to our podcast, you’ll know that I really came around to love the Dark Souls series, even if that adoration is yet under-developed. I’ve only gotten through the first half of Dark Souls 1 while having left the second iteration of the seriesĀ alone. I’m still struggling to figure out how I want to beat Biggie Smalls, but I’ll get there.

And now, we’re on the heels of Dark Souls 3’s release! An April 12, 2016 PC/XBone/PS4 extravaganza that I honestly can’t wait for.

Having played Bloodborne, I can say that the game-play for DS3 looks so smooth, fast-paced, and yet still remarkably thoughtful. I can’t wait to try all the new armors, weapons, styles, and finally get to play a game like this at release along with everyone else. There’ll be tears of frustration as I get invaded and likely killed and tears of joy as I repel invaders or do some sneaky infiltration of peoples’ worlds. There’s just something appealing about being a knight, or a cleric, or a mage, or a rogue, or a complete nutcase in this misshapen and twisted world. I described Dark Souls as entirely fantastical, and I can’t wait to enhance that description with a review come next year.

Give the trailer a look, tell me what you think! And as always, stay tuned to http://thenextlvl.com for more content.

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