Areg Zeytnaghyan’s Top 5 Games


This is my personal list and brief descriptions of some of my favorite games of all time. Memory fades and relapses, reminding and forgetting me and my uncountable gaming experiences. Over time, they will be so abundant that any one will only be a single pixel on a 1920 × 1080 screen that displays the culmination of my gaming adventures. Mosey your eyes on these games and perhaps give them a twirl – they will surely deliver joy.

Favorite Games of All Time

  • Dark Souls
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Terraria
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III
  • Civilization V

Dark Souls
This was it. This was the game that came closest to my childhood fantasies.
The medieval-knight theme, the intricate combat system, the immersive atmosphere, and the bottomless story successfully converted me into a warrior of sunlight. Whether last-second rolling out of the way of an enormous scythe-swipe wielded by creative monstrosities or accidentally back-stepping off into the void while attempting to parry some demon, the challenge that Dark Souls brought felt more rewarding than any other game I have become familiar with. I learned how to truly praise the sun and bask in its glorious light through the experience that was Dark Souls.Dark Souls

Elite Dangerous
This game is not only the most beautifully satisfying experience in visual and auditory ways but it is also one of the deepest immersive experiences out there when it comes to outer space exploration. The indescribably massive scale of the Elite universe plays a major role in its powerful immersive capabilities. Elite Dangerous

You begin your exploration of the great unknown as any humble, amateur pilot – commanding a cheap Sidewinder ship with minimal firepower, storage, and speed. With little to guide your way, you find yourself docked in a space station, orbiting a planet that looks phenomenal. You launch, drift through the blue exit in the detailed interior of the station. The sound of your ship passing through the blue field like a molecule sliding through a membrane reveals the endless night beyond. Elite Dangerous (2)

You push full throttle and disregard the notice that you’re speeding in this protected zone. You’re gone before the authorities can scan and fine you a negligible amount of credits. The lifeblood currency of this universe and your key to purchasing the almighty ship you have fallen in love with, whether it be the extravagantly expensive Anaconda or the price-efficient ASP Explorer, credits are what you are after.

Elite Dangerous (6)Credits are earned through a multitude of missions, bounty hunting, mining asteroids on the rings of gas giants, or elaborate trading of commodities. The smooth controls and combat of Elite compliment the rest of its glorious atmosphere. This is a game that truly astounded me and surpassed my expectations. I am stumped to this day at the unbelievably vast beauty it brings to the gaming world.

Some games give me that really cozy feel like it’s a winter-blizzard outside while I’m wearing my warmest hoodie next to the fireplace playing with my friends. The warmest feel I ever got was from Terraria. Nowadays, I think a lot of my liking for this game comes from having played it with my close friends. For those that experience Terraria solo, it may not feel as cozy. Regardless, the game is a masterpiece. If you have ever wanted a game where you could dig and explore a world in every-which-way, this is the one. Exploring with my friends, battling Terraria’s bosses and creatures, gathering resources, and building a fantastic castle in a rainbow world over a span of hundreds of hours – this game brought that experience to me in a satisfying way. What topped it all off is the awe-inspiring soundtrack that I could simply sit back and listen to and enjoy it thoroughly.

TerrariaTerraria (3)

Terraria (2)Terraria (4)

Heroes of Might and Magic III
HoMM III was one of the first games I ever played, at my dad’s friend’s house on his computer. I remember I didn’t want to leave because I wanted to keep playing. That was the first time I got absolutely lost into a game. I was mezmorized. HoMM III was like a gamer’s wet-dream HoMM IIIcoming to life for me. A special game indeed, it instilled in me a deep love and passion for strategy. Along with Warcraft II, HoMM III blasted me into a life-long HoMM III (2)yearning for the ultimate strategy game. In recent days, this passion has been fed through games like Civ 5, Endless Space, and some of the newer Heroes of Might and Magic. This desire for the ultimate strategy game will forever be un-sated for me and it is due to the simple brilliance that was HoMM III.


Civilization V
Civ 5 is a long, turn-based strategy game. Turn after turn, a few steps at a time, unlocking new technologies and expanding across the map to inevitably meet the rest of the civilizations forming and developing. It is a cathartic experience. The decisions are in your hands to build, produce, occupy and attain an advantage over the rest of the world. Civ 5 (2)

Victory in Civ 5 comes in various forms – it could be through scientific advancement, conquest and annihilation, influential culture, or economic superiority. You are the tactician and each decision within every turn builds upon itself as if a great art-piece of thought and reason being painted before my eyes. Civ 5 relaxes me and allows me to play around with full control on the battlefield of civilizations and their development. I choose to play as the Russians against a handful of AI-controlled, randomly picked civilizations. We are dispersed on a huge pangaea surrounded by deep ocean. I begin to think of and shift my strategy as it unfolds throughout my turns. My civilization grows but so does my enemies’ or perhaps I will befriend some of them. Perhaps they will attempt to befriend me only to learn the hard way that all global alliances are connected by the super-glue of personal agenda.

Yes, I have my own plans Ghandi, your wise words will not fool me. I know you are preparing for an attack, stalling by offering me slanted trades and trying to make me grant you open-border passage so that you can begin to move your troops into my territories. I can see through the ruse, Ghandi. I will not be bamboozled this time. Preemptive offense is the strategy I roll with on this run-through – military conquest and the complete destruction of every other civilization on the continent. Sounds harsh, until you play the friendly civilization and end up swallowing a nuke while you’re distracted sweet-talking Cleopatra. Civ 5 is a classic and one of the funnest I’ve played with my group of gamer-buddies. It looks and feels almost like a board game on a computer screen. A board game that doesn’t make you flip the table or smash the keyboard.Civ 5



The highs and the lows I experienced through Rust changed me as a person. Its unique, in-game social dynamic allowed me to interact with people online on a level I had never witnessed in any other game before. The mesh between base building, exploring, and first-person shooting captivated me entirely. I recommend Rust to anyone who is looking for a uniquelly challenging experience.

RustRust (2)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
It is difficult to describe Skyrim as it seems to encompass everything that is a fantasy world soaked in a Bethesda-flavored style. The gorgeous open-world terrain and its real-life looking cities and villages create a fantasy-utopia. The dragons have returned and you, as the Dragonborn, wield the power to solve the mystery of their return and influence the world of Skyrim.

Skyrim (2)Skyrim


Binding of Isaac
A remarkable 2D, indie game, Binding of Isaac quickly became popular after its release. The easy-to-use controls and face-paced, rogue-like dungeoneering became addicting. Controlling a small boy named Isaac, you travel from room to room in his mom’s basement encountering the various evils that reside – along the way discovering items of power that eventually synergize and allow you to blast through Satan himself. Quick reflexes and dodging are key to survival in Binding of Isaac.

Binding of Isaac

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